ICAISD-m 2020


ICAISD 2020 is an International Conference for sharing knowledges and researches in Computer and Information Science and provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and shares the cutting-edge development of Computer and Information Science research.

About The Event


ICAISD 2020 will provide an excellent international conference for sharing knowledge and results in Computer Science and Information Science research area and provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet the share cutting-edge development in the field.


BSI Convention Center, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia


August 6-7, 2020



The topic of ICAISD Conference 2020 :

“Scientific Information for Living Welfare”



Schedule of conference

Conference schedule of ICAISD 2020 :

Thursday, August 6, 2020

List of Acceptance Papers

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ID Authors Title Decision
18 Indah Ariyati, Susy Rosyida, Kresna Ramanda, Verry Riyanto, Siti Faizah and Ridwansyah Ridwansyah.  Optimization Of The Decision Tree Algorithm Used Particle Swarm Optimization In The Selection Of Digital Payments ACCEPT
118 Lela Nurlaela Wati, Heri Ispriyahadi, Khoirun Nisa, Mohamad Lutfi and Imam Suprapta.  Financial Technology And Financial Inclusion On Msme: Mixed-Method Research Approach ACCEPT
208 Mahfut, Mitha Valentina Treesya Panjaitan, Wahyuningsih Sri, Tundjung Tripeni Handayani and Sukimin.  Identification Of Disease And Efforts To Protect Native Orchid Plants Against Bacteria Infection In Liwa Botanical Garden ACCEPT
14 Elly Muningsih, Hidayat Muhammad Nur, Fabriyan Fandi Dwi Imaniawan, Saifudin, Vembria Rose Handayani and Feri Endiarto.  Comparative Analysis On Dimension Reduction Algorithm Of Principal Component Analysis And Singular Value Decomposition For Clustering ACCEPT
15 Moh. Arie Hasan, Sigit Swasono and Dwiza Riana.  Identification Of Grape Leaf Diseases Using Convolutional Neural Network ACCEPT
19 Frieyadie, Adriana Hadi Sukmawati and Nurajijah.  Combination Of The Saw And Topsis Method For Determining The Best Marketplace Recommendations ACCEPT
20 Andi Martias, Agni Isador, Ahmad Rais, Rahma Wiyanti and Rahmat Novari.  Analysis Of The Role Of Internal Auditors On Control Self Assesment Of Material Planning Strategic Business Unit Engine Maintenance ACCEPT
21 Asrul Sani, Johanes Fernandes Andry, Ninuk Wiliani and Agus Budiyantara.  Effects Of Developing E-Business Adoption Models In Organizational Contexts On The Tam Model Among Smes: Pretest Model ACCEPT
26 Faiza Renaldi, Meryana Putri Ramandhani, Esmeralda Djamal and Irma Santikarama.  Integrated Monitoring Platform For Collaborative Youth Communities In Indonesia: A Case Of E-Government Implementation For The Rural Millennial ACCEPT
29 Sari Hartini, Windu Gata, Sigit Kurniawan, Hendra Setiawan and Kadinar Novel.  Cosmetics Customer Segmentation And Profile In Indonesia Using Clustering And Classification Algorithm ACCEPT
30 Indah Purnamasari, Frisma Handayanna, Ester Arisawati, Linda Sari Dewi, Erene Gernaria Sihombing and Rinawati Rinawati.  The Determination Analysis Of Telecommunications Customers Potential Cross-Selling With Classification Naive Bayes And C4.5 ACCEPT
32 Harsih Rianto, Amrin, Rudianto Rudianto, Omar Pahlevi, Paramita Kusumawardhani and Seno Sudarmono Hadi.  Determining The Eligibility Of Providing Motorized Vehicle Loans By Using The Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes And Decission Tree (C4.5) ACCEPT
34 Doni Andriansyah and Lukman Nulhakim.  The Application Of Power Business Intelligence In Analyzing The Availability Of Rental Units ACCEPT
38 Fintri Indriyani, Eni Irfiani, Frans Schaduw, Syaiful Anwar and Rahmat Hidayat.  The Determination Of Yarn Supplier By Using The Weight Product Method ACCEPT
39 Syahriani, Adelia Alviyana and Tri Santoso.  Sentiment Analysis Of Facebook Comments On Indonesian Presidential Candidates Using The Naïve Bayes Method ACCEPT
42 Henderi, Ageng Setiani Rafika, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnar and Meldi Anggara Saputra.  An Application Of Mask Detector For Prevent Covid-19 In Public Services Area ACCEPT
52 Faqih Hamami and Iqbal Ahmad Dahlan.  The Implementation Of Stream Architecture For Handling Big Data Velocity In Social Media ACCEPT
55 Arefin Islam Sourav, Ninyikiriza Deborah Lynn and Albertus Joko Santoso.  Designing A Conceptual Framework Of A Smart City For Sustainable Development In Bangladesh ACCEPT
56 Kartika Handayani and Eka Herdit Juningsih.  Measuring The Quality Of Website Services Covid19.Kalbarprov.Go.Id Using The Webqual 4.0 Method ACCEPT
60 Indah Suryani and Duwi Cahya Putri Buani.  Stock Price Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network Integrated Moving Average ACCEPT
65 Vera Yanti, Sri Arfani, Eka Dyah, Slamet Heri Winarno and Nur Hidayati.  Competency Development Strategy For Msme Actor In The Use Of Icts In Rural And Urban Areas In An Effort Support Business Sustainability (Case Study Of Msmes In The Regency And City Of Bandung Indonesia) ACCEPT
66 Wahyu Nugraha, Muhammad Sony Maulana and Agung Sasongko.  Clustering Based Undersampling For Handling Class Imbalance In C4.5 Classification Algorithm ACCEPT
68 Iqbal Dzulfiqar Iskandar, Noor Cholis Basjaruddin, Deddy Supriadi, Ratningsih, Dini Silvi Purnia and Taufik Wibisono.  Popular Content Prediction Based On Web Visitor Data With Data Mining Approach ACCEPT
69 Irfan Mahendra, Sulistianto, Astriana Mulyani, Agus Wiyatno and Oki Rosanto.  Assessing E-Commerce Success From A Millennial Perspective In Indonesia ACCEPT
83 Hani Harafani, Indah Suryani, Ispandi Perdana and Nur Lutfiyana.  Optimization Of Neural Network Parameters With Genetic Algorithm To Improve Liver Disease Estimation ACCEPT
84 Imam Amirulloh, Iqbal Dzulfiqar Iskandar, Yanti Apriyani and Mumun Surahman.  Teacher Attendance Monitoring System Teaching With Qr-Code And Geo Location Using Android Platform ACCEPT
85 Bagus Dwi Wicaksono and Dwin Indrawan.  The Influence Of Pikobar Application In Suppressing The Rate Of Coronavirus Spread ACCEPT
86 Ahmad Nuryanto, Okki Setyawan and Dwiza Riana.  Analysis Of The Amari Covid-19 Application With The Technology Acceptance Model Method ACCEPT
92 Oleh Soleh, Ros Diana and Yosi Fitria.  Utilization Of Information System In Electrical Panel Project Management To Provide Various Facility In Project Implementation ACCEPT
97 Faruq Aziz and Irmawati.  Usability Evaluation Of The Website Services Using The Webuse Method (A Case Study: Covid19.Go.Id) ACCEPT
98 Eni Heni Hermaliani, Laela Kurniawati and Tuti Haryanti.  Data Mining Technique To Determine The Pattern Of Fruits Sales & Supplies Using Apriori Algorithm ACCEPT
115 Nur Aini Rakhmawati and Hapsari Wulandari.  Analysis Of Legislative Candidate’s Motivation And Target In General Election 2019 Using Author-Topic Model And Node2vec ACCEPT
124 Muharman Lubis.  The Effectiveness Of Implementing Payment Gateway For Start-Up Company For Transaction ACCEPT
127 Panny Agustia Rahayuningsih, Reza Maulana, Windi Irmayani, Dedi Saputra and Deasy Purwaningtias.  Feature Dependent Naïve Bayes For Network Intrusion Detection System ACCEPT
134 Diah Puspitasari, Kresna Ramanda, Adi Supriyatna, Mochamad Wahyudi, Erma Delima Sikumbang and Sulaeman Hadi Sukmana.  Comparison Of Data Mining Algorithms Using Artificial Neural Networks (Ann) And Naive Bayes For Pretern Birth Prediction ACCEPT
135 Diah Puspitasari, Mochamad Wahyudi, Muhammad Rizaldy, Acmad Nurhadi, Kresna Ramanda and Sumanto.  K-Means Algorithm For Clustering The Location Of Accident-Prone On The Highway ACCEPT
137 Faqih Hamami, Iqbal Ahmad Dahlan, Setya Widyawan Prakosa and Khamal Fauzan Somantri.  Implementation Face Recognition Attendance Monitoring System For Lab Surveillance With Hash Encryption ACCEPT
145 Paska Marto Hasugian, Harvei Desmon Hutahaean, Bosker Sinaga, Sriadhi and Saronom Silaban.  Villages Status Classification Analysis Involving K-Means Algorithm To Support Kementerian Desa Pembangunan Daerah Tertinggal Dan Transmigrasi Work Programs ACCEPT
146 M Safii, Herman Mawengkang, Muhammad Zarlis and Syahril Efendi.  Dynamic Model For Determining Disaster Evacuation Locations With Game Theory ACCEPT
148 Dadang Priyanto, Muhammad Zarlis, Herman Mawengkang and Syahril Efendi.  Analysis Of Seismic Hazard Prediction Using Non Parametric Conic Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (C-Mars) Methods ACCEPT
149 Finna Windyani, Putu Harry Gunawan and Dede Tarwidi.  Macroscopic Modelling Of Pedestrian Flows Based On Conservation Law ACCEPT
151 Agustian Mauludin, Wawan Tripiawan and Achmad Fuad Bay.  Validate Scope Process Evaluation Based On Pmbok 6th Edition In Telecommunication Project ACCEPT
161 Siti Wardah and Taufik Baidawi.  Development Of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process(F-Ahp) For The Selection Of Alternative New Product Development Ideas In Coconut Downstream Agroindustry ACCEPT
195 Tika Adilah M, Hendra Supendar, Rahayu Ningsih, Sri Muryani and Kusmayanti Solecha.  Sentiment Analysis Of Online Transportation Service Using The Naïve Bayes Methods ACCEPT
199 Unifah Rosyidi, Sasmoko, Yasinta Indrianti, Sonya Rapinta Manalu, Ramot Lubis, Jurike Moniaga and Abu Yazid Bin Abu Bakar.  Designing Face Recognition Teacher Wellbeing Application That Optimizes Teacher's Quality Work Life ACCEPT
200 Tuti Alawiyah, Agung Baitul Hikmah, Yanti Apriyani, Mira Kusmira, Herlan Sutisna and Bambang Kelana Simpony.  Generation Of Rectangular Matrix Key For Hill Cipher Algorithm Using Playfair Cipher ACCEPT
207 Mahfut.  Identification And Detection Odontoglossum Ringspot Virus On Native Orchids Collection Of Nurserys In Java, Indonesia ACCEPT
33 Tiara Eka Putri, Ridho Taufiq Subagio, Kusnadi Kusnadi and Petrus Sokibi.  Classification System Of Toddler Nutrition Status Using Naïve Bayes Classifier Based On Z- Score Value And Anthropometry Index ACCEPT
36 Mercurius Broto Legowo, Steph Subanidja and Fangky Antoneus Sorongan.  Fintech And Bank: Past, Present, And Future ACCEPT
40 Wanda Ilham, Tiara Putri, Petrus Sokibi and Kusnadi.  Application Of Fuzzy Multy Attribute Decesion Making Method In Decision Making System For Determining The Provision Of Achievement Scholarship In Smp N 1 Simpati ACCEPT
43 Siti Ernawati, Risa Wati, Nuzuliarini Nuris, Lita Sari Marita and Eka Rini Yulia.  Comparison Of Naïve Bayes Algorithm With Genetic Algorithm And Particle Swarm Optimization As Feature Selection For Sentiment Analysis Review Of Digital Learning Application ACCEPT
45 Dany Pratmanto, Rousyati Rousyati, Fanny Fatma Wati, Andrian Eko Widodo, Suleman and Ragil Wijianto.  App Review Sentiment Analysis Shopee Application In Google Play Store Using Naive Bayes Algorithm ACCEPT
47 Sri Rahayu, Nurul Qhomariyah, Jajang Jaya Purnama and Dwiza Riana.  Swietenia Mahagoni Wood Defects Segmentation Using Ntsc & Thresholding ACCEPT
49 Lena Magdalena and Yuni Awalaturrohmah Solihah.  Design Of It Governance Evaluation Using Cobit 5 Framework Through Capability Maturity In Department Of Transportation Cirebon ACCEPT
50 Andi Martias, Agni Isador, Ahmad Rais and Rahma Wiyanti.  Analysis Of The Role Of Internal Auditors On Control Self Assesment Of Material Planning Strategic Business Unit Engine Maintenance. ACCEPT
54 Sabil, Suhartono, Slamet Winarno, Octa Putra and Dwiyatmoko Widodo.  The Effect Of Work Environment, Competence And Motivation On Employee’s Performance In Electronic Companies In The Industrial District Of Bekasi Regency ACCEPT
57 Fadillah Said and Khabib Astoni.  Analysis Of Community Satisfaction Level Against The Ministry Of Health's Infection Emerging Websites Using Webqual 4.0 ACCEPT
58 Dinar Ismunandar and Yanto ..  User Satisfaction Analysis Of Pikobar Covid-19 Website Using The Webqual Method ACCEPT
59 Fakihotun Titiani and Erni Erni.  Analysis Of User Satisfaction On Corona.Jakarta.Go.Id Website: Use Webqual Method 4.0 ACCEPT
62 Agus Cholik.  Millennials Impulse Buying Behavior In E-Commerce: A Phenomenological Approach Of University Students In Jakarta ACCEPT
63 Achmad Fatkharrofiqi, Herman Kuswanto, Taufik Rahman, Sumarna, Felix Wuryo Handono and Hafis Nurdin.  Employee Attendance Application Using Location Based Service (Lbs) Method Based On Android Case Study: Pt. Copyright Brainmatics Informatics ACCEPT
64 Aliyah Kurniasih and Aloysius Kurniawan Santoso.  Acceptance Analysis Of Indonesian Websites Related To Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information In Indonesia Using The Tam Method ACCEPT
70 Wiwik Widiyanti, Vina Islami, Rani, Syahrir and Rosento.  E-Wallet Ovo As A Digital Payment In Indonesia: Empirical Analysis ACCEPT
75 Nia Nuraeni, Puji Astuti, Oky Irnawati, Ida Darwati and Danang Dwi Harmoko.  High Accuracy In Forex Predictions Using The Neural Network Method Based On Particle Swarm Optimization ACCEPT
78 Angge Firizkiansah and Bambang Kriswantara.  The Influence Of “Check The Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus” Application Quality From Alodokter On The Benefits Gained By Users, To Get Covid-19 Early Detection ACCEPT
79 Hardiyan, Eka Wulansari Fridayanthie, Noer Azni Septiani, Asep Sayfulloh, Allifah Kusumaningrum and Wahyudin.  Efficiency Measurement Of Operations Management Of Clean Water Company Using Dea ACCEPT
82 Sri Harjunawati, Ida Hendarsih, Syahrial Addin and Amas Sari Marthanti.  Effect Of Inflation, Bi Rate And Net Export Of Central Exchange Rate To Rupiahs In Bank Indonesia For 2005-2019 ACCEPT
90 Ranu Agastya Nugraha and Dwi Andriyanto.  Analysis Of Factors Affecting The Quality Of Corona.Jatengprov.Go.Id Website Towards User Satisfaction Using Webqual 4.0 Method ACCEPT
91 Nissa Madaniyah Fadhilah and Siti Fauziah.  Influence Of Overload Information About Covid-19 Pandemic On Internet For Psychological Illnesses And Behavioral Intentions To Continue Searching For Information ACCEPT
93 Kurniawati and Muammar Khadapi.  Public Acceptance Of Pedulilindungi Application In The Acceleration Of Corona Virus (Covid-19) Handling ACCEPT
94 Eka Rahmawati and Candra Agustina.  Optimization Of Decision Tree With Pso On Sharia Cooperative Customer Funding ACCEPT
102 Lela Nurlaela Wati, Ramdany Ramdany and Momon Momon.  Benefits And Costs Of Politically Connected Firms, Evidence In Indonesia ACCEPT
103 Titin Kristiana, Sukmawati Anggraeni Putri, Nurmalasari Nurmalasari, Rani Irma Handayani, Nita Merlina and Norma Yunita.  Association Rule Implementation Using Algorithm Apriori To Analize Fishing Pattern In Indonesia ACCEPT
105 Baiatun Nisa, Sulhizah Wulan Sari and Paramita Kusumawardhani.  Improving English Speaking Skill Through Slang Words In A Movie: The Practice Of Mind-Mapping Strategy ACCEPT
106 Ani Wijayanti, Amelda Pramezwary, Emmita Devi Hari Putri, Atun Yulianto, Jati Nurcahyo and Erlangga Brahmanto.  Shopping Tourism Development Through Top Five Products In Yogyakarta City, Indonesia ACCEPT
107 Ilham Kurniawan, Abdussomad, Muhammad Faittullah Akbar, Dede Firmansyah Saepudin and Mochammad Syamsul Azis.  Improving The Effectiveness Of Classification Using The Data Level Approach And Feature Selection Techniques In Online Shopping Interest Prediction ACCEPT
109 Latifah, Nurmalasari, Sri Dewi Ayu Safitri and Taufik Baidawi.  The Effect Of Macro Economy On Sukuk Requests In Indonesia ACCEPT
111 Wisti Dwi Septiani, Sri Utami, Octa Pratama Putra, Popon Handayani, Narti Narti and Noer Hikmah.  The Implementation Of User-Centered Design On A Marketplace Website Of Agricultural Product To Increase The Selling Productivity ACCEPT
112 Wina Yusnaeni, Marlina Marlina, Ratih Yulia Hayuningtyas and Retno Sari.  Comparison Ahp-Mabac And Waspas Methods For Supplier Recomendations ACCEPT
114 Cicih Nuraeni, Irmawati Carolina, Adi Supriyatna, Wina Widiati and Syamsul Bahri.  Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (Mall): Students' Perception And Problems Towards Mobile Learning In English Language ACCEPT
116 Nurvi Oktiani, Haryani, Kartika Yuliantari, Taat Kuspriyono, Rani Kurniasari and Jimmi.  The Effect Promotion E- Commerce Toward Effectiveness Promotion By Using Attention, Interest, Desire And Action (Aida) Methods For Adpers – Art Community Product ACCEPT
120 Popon Adawia, Ayu Azizah, Aprilia Puspasari, Dede Mustomi and Asep Asep.  The Appropriate Calculation Cost Of Goods Manufactured As Pricing Strategy For Small Sized Enterprises (Smes) ACCEPT
121 Haryani, Titik Misriati, Rahmat Hidayat, Diah Puspitasari, Dinda Ayu Muthia and Instiyanti Elyana.  Information Technology Governance In Al Kautsar Islamic Elementary School Using Cobit 5 Framework ACCEPT
123 Eko Haryadi, Dewi Yuliandari, Abdussomad Abdussomad, Diah Wijayanti, Syafrianto Syafrianto and Mike Amelia.  Maintaining The Continuity Of The Company's Operation Using Nist Framework For Small And Medium Enterprises ACCEPT
125 Elin Panca Saputra, Supriatiningsih, Indriyanti Indriyanti and Sugiono.  Prediction Of Evaluation Result Of E-Learning Success Based On Student Activity Logs With Selection Of Neural Network Attributes Base On Pso ACCEPT
128 Indarti, Novita Indriyani, Arief Setya Budi, Dewi Laraswati, Wina Yusnaeni and Arief Hidayat.  The Classification Of Monster And Williams Pear Varieties Using K-Means Clustering And K-Nearest Neighbor (Knn) Algorithm ACCEPT
131 A Mukti Soma, Ina Primiana, Sudarso K. Wiryono and Erie Febrian.  Determinant Analysis Of Financial Literacy Affecting Market Discipline Performance A Study On Internal Governance Aspects Of The Non Banking Financial Institution Customers In West Java, Indonesia ACCEPT
133 Dedi Saputra, Weiskhy Steven Dharmawan, Mochamad Wahyudi, Windi Irmayani, Juniato Sidauruk and Martias.  Performance Comparison And Optimized Algorithm Classification ACCEPT
142 Diah Pradiatiningtyas, Chriswardana Bayu Dewa, Lina Ayu Safitri and Sri Kiswati.  The Effect Of Satisfaction And Loyalty Level Of Digital Payment System Users Against Generation Z In Yogyakarta Special Region. ACCEPT
143 Hikmatulloh, Dwiza Riana, Jamal Maulana Hudin, Susilawati, Dede Wintana and Sri Hadianti.  Identification Of Monogeneans Parasite Using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix And Artificial Neural Network ACCEPT
147 Adhelinia Afenika, Putu Harry Gunawan and Dede Tarwidi.  Classification Of Road Surface Quality Based On Svm Method ACCEPT
153 Dwi Andini Putri, Dinar Ajeng Kristiyanti, Elly Indrayuni, Acmad Nurhadi and Denda Rinaldi Hadinata.  Comparison Of Naive Bayes Algorithm And Support Vector Machine Using Pso Feature Selection For Sentiment Analysis On E-Wallet Review ACCEPT
154 Ana Ramadhayanti, Pramelani, Devy Sofyanty and Rini Martiwi.  The Role Of Team Creativity And Risk Management In Supports Startup Business Performance ACCEPT
156 Rizki Aulianita, Lilyani Asri Utami, Numan Musyaffa, Ganda Wijaya, Anna Mukhayaroh and Ani Yoraeni.  Sentiment Analysis Review Of Smartphones With Artificial Intelligent Camera Technology Using Naive Bayes N-Gram Character Selection ACCEPT
162 Ana Ramadhayanti, Nurhidayati Nurhidayati, Imelda Sari and Taat Kuspriyono.  Elaboration Factors Of Success In The Application Of Community-Based Solid Waste Management And Composting Technology ACCEPT
164 Aloysius Rangga Aditya Nalendra, Retno Rahayuningsih, Yanti Rosalinah, Ibnu Subroto, Ary Iswanto Wibowo and Fera Nelfianti.  E-Learning For English For Business-Based Podcast: One Of Learning Solutions Amid The Pandemic Of Covid-19. ACCEPT
174 Celerina Hartati, Yulie Chandra and Gustini Wijayanti.  Chinese Identity In God Temple's Birthday Ceremony As A Form Of Social Network ACCEPT
177 Anton Abdulbasah Kamil, Kanis Fatama Ferdushi and Md Kamrul Hossain.  Production Risk With Feasible Generalized Least Square ACCEPT
183 Eka Dyah, Hartanti Hti, Vera Yanti, Ratiyah Rty and Sumanto Sto.  Implementation Of Government Regulation No.46 2013 And Pp No.23 In 2018 For Small Medium Enterprise Bandung Regency (Case Study In Bandung District Msme) ACCEPT
186 Wahyu Nugraha, Muhammad Sony Maulana and Agung Sasongko.  Clustering Based Undersampling For Handling Class Imbalance In C4.5 Classification Algorithm ACCEPT
187 Elly Firasari, Nurul Khasanah, Umi Khultsum, Desiana Nur Kholifah, Gema Irhamdhika and Wiwiek Widyastuty.  Comparation Of K-Nearest Neighbor And Naive Bayes Algorithm For The Classification Of The Poor In Recipients Of Social Assistance ACCEPT
191 Rizal Amegia Saputra, Candra Agustina, Diah Puspitasari, Kresna Ramanda, Warjiyono, Jamal Maulana Hudin, Lisnawanty and Karlena Indriani.  Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease By The Decision Tree Methods Based On Particle Swarm Optimization ACCEPT
196 Rizal Amegia Saputra, Suharyanto Suharyanto, Sri Wasiyanti, Dede Firmansyah Saefudin, Adi Supriyatna and Agung Wibowo.  Rice Leaf Disease Image Classifications Using Knn Based On Glcm Feature Extraction ACCEPT
205 Husni Faqih, Warjiyono Warjiyono, Fiola Kuhon, Sopian Aji, Angga Ardiansyah and Fandhilah Fandhilah.  An Analysis & Measurement Of Website Quality Using Webqual 4.0 And Importance Performance Analysis (Ipa) Method (A Case Study Of Kemiriamba Village Brebes) ACCEPT
209 Ai Ilah Warnilah, Ratningsih Ratningsih, Miftah Farid Adiwisastra, Herlan Sutisna and Haerul Fatah.  The Implementation Of The Mfep (Multi Factor Evaluation Process) Method In Determining The Learning Model ACCEPT
67 Riska Aryanti, Andi Saryoko, Agus Junaidi, Siti Marlina, Wahyudin and Lia Nurmalia.  Comparing Classification Algorithm With Genetic Algorithm In Public Transport ACCEPT
157 Hilda Amalia, Yunita, Achmad Baroqah Pohan, Ari Puspita and Ade Fitria Lestari.  Determination Wart Treatment Method Using Data Mining Technique ACCEPT
194 Dinar Ajeng Kristiyanti, Dwi Andini Putri, Elly Indrayuni, Achmad Nurhadi and Akhmad Hairul Umam.   E-Wallet Sentiment Analysis Using Naïve Bayes And Support Vector Machine Algorithm ACCEPT
13 Qudsiah Nur Azizah, Taopik Hidayat, Dwiza Riana and Sri Hadianti.  Understanding Impact Of M-Banking On Individual Performance Delone & Mclean Method And Ttf Perpective ACCEPT
28 Normah, Ita Yulianti, Deny Novianti, Monikka Nur Winnarto, Ainun Zumarniansyah and Safitri Linawati.  Comparison Of Classification C 4.5 Algorithms And Naive Bayes Classifier In Determining Merchant Acceptance On Sponsorship Program ACCEPT
41 Rusdiansyah, Mohammad Badrul, Tuslaela, Irfan Mahendra, Nining Suharyanti and Agus Junaidi.  Expert System In Clustering The Damage Of A Motorcycle Matic With The K-Mean Algorithm ACCEPT
46 Andang Sunarto and Jumat Sulaiman.  Performance Numerical Method Half-Sweep Preconditioned Gauss-Seidel For Solving Fractional Diffusion Equation ACCEPT
48 Dahlia Sarkawi, Suparman Hilawu, Anggi Oktaviani, Agus Priadi and Idah Yuniasih.  Method For Calculating Children’s Parenting And Self-Concept Towards Student Environmental Behavior Using Correlational Approach ACCEPT
51 Jusuf Fadilah, Anisti, Ita Suryani, Azwar Munanjar and Agus Priadi.  Brand Image Of Bina Sarana Informatika: The Effect Of The Use Of “Obama-Like” Endorser In The Obama Version Tv Advertisement Towards The Brand Image Of Bina Sarana Informatika (Bsi) ACCEPT
61 Devita Widyaningtyas Yogyanti, Emmita Devi Hari Putri, Citra Unik Mayasari, Atun Yulianto and M. Fathurrahman Nurul Hakim.  Taking The Host Community’s Control Back Towards Negative Impact Of Voluntourism. Case Study In Japanese Language Course Bunka Kenkyuukai, Yogyakarta Indonesia. ACCEPT
80 Nurajijah, Fachri Amsury, Irwansyah Saputra, Frieyadie, Daning Nur Sulistyowati and Bakhtiar Rifai.  Approval Of Sharia Cooperative Customer Financing Using Pso-Based Svm Classification Algorithm ACCEPT
88 Retno Suryaningsih, Jarnuzi Gunlazuardi and Rahmat Wibowo.  Effects Of 3-Phenyl Propanoic Acid As Co-Adsorbent In Tio2 Photoanode Sensitized N719 ACCEPT
89 Edhi Prayitno, Juarni Siregar, Yumi Novita Dewi, Chaerul Bachri, Luthfi Indriyani and Samsul Ma'Arif.  Use Case Points (Ucp) With 3 Point In Program Evaluation And Review Technique (Pert) To Estimate Effort Software ACCEPT
96 Hermanto, Antonius Yadi Kuntoro, Taufik Asra, Lasman Effendi and Ridatu Ocanitra.  Gojek And Grab User Sentiment Analysis On Google Play Using Naïve Bayes Algorithm And Support Vector Machine Based Smote Technique ACCEPT
100 Andi Saryoko, Refangga, Riska Aryanti, Haryani, Sulaeman Hadi Sukmana and Samudi.  Mobile Forensic In Whatsapp Messenger Use Mobiledit Forensics Express And National Institute Of Standards And Technology (Nist) ACCEPT
113 Kurniawan Prambudi Utomo, Sinta Rukiastiandari, Isyana Emita, Faif Yusuf and Fahmi Kamal.  Debt To Equity Ratio (Der) Effect, And Underwriter Reputation On The Phenomenon Of Underpricing Of Initial Shares On The Indonesian Stock Exchange (Bei) ACCEPT
119 Heri Ispriyahadi and Raysa Trierdianto.  Analysis Of Efficiency And Change Of Productivity In The Indonesian Banking Industry Using Data Envelopment Analysis (Dea) And Malmquist Total Factor Productivity ACCEPT
129 Reza Maulana, Panny Agustia Rahayuningsih, Windi Irmayani, Dedi Saputra and Wanty Eka Jayanti. Improved Accuracy Of Sentiment Analysis Movie Review Using Support Vector Machine Based Information Gain ACCEPT
130 Siti Masripah, Lila Dini Utami, Hilda Amalia, Dini Nurlaela and Muhamad Ryansyah.  Comparison Of Text Mining Classification Algorithms In Flip Application Review ACCEPT
138 Diana Tambunan.  Merger And Innovation To Improve Organization’s Performance In Indonesia To Fight Industrial Revolution 4.0: Case Study Merger Bank Btpn ACCEPT
139 Saghifa Fitriana, Aprih Widayanto, Vadlya Maarif, Ragil Wijayanto and Triyadi Widianto.  Determination Of Toddler Nutrition Status Classification Using The Naive Bayes Method ACCEPT
155 Dinar Ajeng Kristiyanti, Esty Purwaningsih, Ela Nurelasari, Ahmad Al Kaafi and Akhmad Hairul Umam.   Implementation Of Neural Network Method For Air Quality Forecasting In Jakarta Region ACCEPT
163 Sriyadi, Maruloh, Mochamad Nandi Susila, Andriansah, Imam Nawawi, Meiva Eka Sri Sulistyawati and Sufi Alawiyah.  Motorized Vehicle Security System With Master And Slave Key Models ACCEPT
168 Miftah Farid Adiwisastra, Mumun Surahman, Yanti Apriyani, Taufik Wibisono and Iqbal Dzulfiqar Iskandar.  Blended Learning From The Perspective Of School Students In Islamic Boarding Schools ACCEPT
169 Angga Ardiansyah, Sopian Aji, Dany Pratmanto, Sandra Jamu Kuryanti, Octa Putra and Cep Adiwihardja.   The Analysis Of Digital Provider Sentiment Of ‘By.U’ On Google Play Which Uses The Support Vector Machine (Svm) Method ACCEPT
171 Haerul Fatah, Recha Abriana Anggraini, Yanti Apriyani, Melisa Winda Pertiwi and Mumun Surahman.  Data Mining For Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction ACCEPT
182 Achmad Baroqah Pohan, Sofian Wira Hadi, Syaifur Rahmatullah, Robi Aziz Zuama, Achmad Rifai and Deni Gunawan.  Employee Performance Appraisal Using Decision Support System By Ahp And Topsis Methods ACCEPT
189 Tya Septiani Nurfauzia Koeswara, Yoseph Tajul Arifin, Asriyani Sagianto, Widarti Widarti, Sopiyan Dalis and Rizky Ade Safitri. Application Of Simple Additive Weighting Method In The Selection Of Achievement Employees At PT. Tata Makmur Sejahtera ACCEPT
198 Idah Yuniasih.  The Effect Of Price, Product Quality And Customer Service Toward Customer Satisfaction On Online Buying ACCEPT

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Applied Mathematics Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure IT Audit
Business Analytics Urban and Regional Planning Accounting Information system
Combinatorics and Graph Theory Quality Engineering & Management Decision Support System
Decision Analysis Operation Research Fuzzy and Neural System
Financial Engineering Production System Communication and Networking
Game Theory Industrial Management – Ergonomic Signal, Image, Audio and Video processing
Heuristics IT Management Software Engineering
Industrial Engineering E-Business and E-Commerce Sensors and Trandusers
Logistics Technopreneur Intelligent Systems
Mathematical Computer Sciences Risk Management Robotic, Control and Automation
Mathematical Finance & Actuary Disaster Management Communication and Networking
Mathematical Optimization Total Quality Management Mobile Computing
Numerical Analysis Supply Chain Management Expert System
Probability and Statistics Structural Engineering Distributed Database System
Simulation Technology and Knowledge Management
Social Network Animation and Multimedia
Forecasting Model
Computational Modeling
Machine Learning
Data Warehousing
Data Visualisation
Data Science
Numerical Analysis

Conference or Event Date


  • Paper Submission Due

  • Extend Final Paper Submission

  • 2nd Extend Final Paper Submission

  • Notification of Paper Acceptance

  • Camera Ready Due

  • Final Registration Due

  • Conference Day
  • June 15, 2020

  • June 22, 2020

  • June 30, 2020

  • June 30, 2020
  • July 6, 2020

  • July 21, 2020

  • July 30, 2020

  • August 6-7, 2020

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

BSI Convention Center, Bekasi, August 6-7, 2020

Jl. Kaliabang No.8, Perwira, Kec. Bekasi Utara, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat, 17124, Indonesia

Committe of ICAISD 2020

“International Conference on Advanced Information Scientifict Development (ICAISD)”
August 6-7, 2020
  • Advisors:
  • Prof. Dr. Herman Mawengkang (Universitas Sumatera Utara)
  • Dr. Mochamad Wahyudi, MM, M.Kom, M.Pd (Rector of Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika)
  • Dr. Dwiza Riana, S.Si, MM. M. Kom (Chairman of STMIK Nusa Mandiri)
  • Hengky Tamando, M.Kom (Chairman of STMIK Pelita Nusantara)
  • Dr. Dedy Hartama, ST, M.Kom (Chairman of STIKOM Tunas Bangsa Pematang Siantar)

  • Program Committee Chairs:
  • Prof. Dr. Herman Mawengkang (Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Weber (Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland)
  • Prof. Dr. Ayse Ozmen (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
  • Prof. Dr. Ruben Ruiz (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain)
  • Prof. Dorien de Tombe (Founder and Chair International Research Society on Methodology Societal Complexity, Amsterdan, The Nederland)
  • Prof. Dr. Masaji Watanabe (Okayama University, Japan)
  • Dr. Pandian Vassant (Petronas University, Malaysia)
  • Dr. M. Fermi Pasha (Monash University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Prof. Dr. Saib Suwilo (Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zarlis, M.Sc (Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Achmad Nizar Hidayanto, M. Kom (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Achmad Benny Mutiara, Ssi, S.Kom (Universitas Gunadarma, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Mochamad Wahyudi, MM, M.Kom, M.Pd (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Indonesia
  • Dr. Didi Rosiyadi, M. Kom (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Sajadin Sembiring (Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Dwiza Riana, S.Si, MM. M. Kom (STMIK Nusa Mandiri, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Hilman F. Pardede, ST, MEICT (STMIK Nusa Mandiri, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Yan Rianto, B.Eng. M.Eng (STMIK Nusa Mandiri, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Agus Subekti, ST, MT (STMIK Nusa Mandiri, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Prihandoko, MIT (Universitas Gunadarma, Indonesia)

  • Executive Chair:
  • Prof. Dr. Herman Mawengkang (Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

  • Chair of Commitee:
  • Dr. Mochamad Wahyudi, MM, M.Kom, M.Pd (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Indonesia)
  • Diah Puspitasari, M.Kom (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Indonesia)
  • Suharyanto, M.Kom (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Didi Rosiyadi, M. Kom (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Ani Wijayanti, SE, MM (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Baiatun Nisa, M.Pd (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Indonesia)

Organizing Committee Chairs:

  • Chairman:
  • Taufik Baidawi

  • Secretary:
  • Dinar Ajeng Kristyanti
  • Dwi Andini Putri
  • Haryani

  • Financial:
  • Dwi Astuti Ratriningsih
  • Titik Misriati

  • Publicity Chairs:
  • Ade Christian
  • Rety Palupi
  • Nur Alam
  • Khairul Rizal

  • Web Coordinator:
  • Verry Rianto
  • Yoseph Tajul Arifin
  • Wahyudin
  • Salman Alfarizi

  • Proceeding Coordinator:
  • Agus Junaidi
  • Sopiyan Dalis
  • Rahmat Hidayat
  • Jimmi

  • Promotion and Sponsor Coordinator:
  • Achmad Baroqah Pohan
  • Ahmad Rifai
  • Syaifur Rahmatullah

  • Event Coordinator:
  • Andi Saryoko
  • Nurvi Oktiani
  • Syarifah Agustiani
  • Dicky Haryanto

  • Logistic Coordinator:
  • Riska Aryanti
  • Rizki Ade Safitri
  • Tya Septiani Nurfauzia Koeswara

Host & Co-Host

Selected paper are required to complete the registration. The form can be downloaded from the following link:

Participant Status Payment
International Participant Presenters $150
Non-Presenters $35
Participant of Indonesia Presenters IDR 1.500.000
Non-Presenters IDR 250.000

Bank Payment:

No. Rekening : 701130197
Cabang : Johar Jakarta
a/n Yayasan Bina Sarana Informatika

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